Repair service

If - after long use or after collision - NEIDLEIN clamping tools need maintenance or repair, we will gladly and promptly provide an estimate including price and delivery time.

In most cases repairs are worthwhile since clamping tools will then be as good as new and fully functional again.

Laser engraving

In order to visually round off our products and ensure clear and wear resistant labeling, we engrave all our products with a laser engraver.

From label marking to label engraving, from the company logo to a rotating engraving – we will also label your construction element according to your conception. We will be pleased to submit an offer to you including price and time of delivery.


In order to meet the high requirements of our customers, we measure most different components in a 3D-coordinate measuring machine.

In the manufacturing of our standard products, special components, and special cones and the incoming and outgoing goods inspection, we can make precise statements about the dimensional accuracy of our products.

  • Repair service
  • Laser engraving
  • Measuring