Dead centre


Dead centre shanks of type FNA are predominantly employed for turning of work pieces with large centres.

Due to a selection of different, easily changeable centre cones it is possible to cover large areas of work piece centerings.
Different centre cones from Ø25 to Ø315 are standardized and can thus be kept on stock.
Special heads up to Ø400 are available upon customer’s request.
Easy mounting or demounting can be ensured by taper interface and socket cap screw.

True-run out accuracy of the fixed shank is 0.003mm max.. The total true run-out accuracy including head cone is 0.01mm max.

For demounting and for preventing the spindle-bearing from damage, or for spindle-sleeves which have no through-bore, the centre shafts come with an extraction screw thread.

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Dead centre type FNA

Selection of dead centres