Dead centre


Dead centre shanks type FNW are an interchangeable point system for quickly changing a worn point or configuration for more clearance.

Standard interchangeable inserts are available in many different sizes; this allows you to clamp different work pieces quickly and accurately by changing out the inserted points, accommodating various centre holes sizes in soft or hard work pieces ranging from small to large I.D’s.

Changeable inserts can easily be exchanged with an open end wrench or removal wedge which helps prevent spindle-bearing damage. Also for tailstocks (quills) that have no through hole or bore.

For demounting and for preventing the spindle-bearing from damage, or for spindle-sleeves which have no through-bore, the centre shanks come with an extraction screw thread.

Max. true run-out accuracy of fixed shanks is 0.003mm max. and total run-out accuracy including changeable insert is 0.01mm max.

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Dead centre type FNW

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