Mounting elements


NEIDLEIN type ZFE flange adapters are used for retaining NEIDLEIN Face Drivers type FFB/FFBH on machine spindles according to DIN ISO 702-1 (DIN55026).
In order to meet the high true run-out requirements on the clamping system, the flange adapters are equipped with an adjust-true run out feature. The ZFE flange adapter has set screws located on the circumference to adjust the run-out of the face driver.
The true running of the face driver can be adjusted by means of the flange adapter.

In order to protect the machine spindle and achieve damping properties, the flange adapters are made in a non-hardened material.
We can develop additional sizes and special flange adapters in soft or hardened versions upon request.


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Mounting element type ZFE

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