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NEIDLEIN type RNW Live Centres are used mainly in turning applications.

RNW Live Centre offers various changeable inserts, which offer a wide range of possibilities to clamp different work pieces.
With our large assortment you will always find the best suitable changeable insert for retaining at different centres or on the outside chamfer of the work piece. In hard or- soft/green machining, with large centres as well as small centres, a standard insert or an insert that gives you maximum tool clearance for your cutting tools.
Special inserts are available upon customer’s request.

The inserts are easily changed over by using the spanner flat and an open-ended wrench or on larger size-inserts by using a steel rod- matching into the vertical holes on the circumference of the insert.

Max. true run-out accuracy of the live centre is 0.005mm and the total run-out accuracy including changeable insert is 0.01mm max.

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Live centre type RNW

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