Dead Centers FN / FNC / FNZ

for general use

For rotating and fixed tailstock spindle sleeve. Designed for employment in turning, grinding and other production machines.


  • Run-out deviation max.: 0.002 mm.
  • Made of fully hardened tool-steel.
  • All types with extracting thread to prevent spindle ball bearings or solid spindle sleeves from damage.
  • Max. load of the dead centers upon request.
  • Special design upon request.

Type FN

with morse taper

can be reground


Type FNC

with morse taper

for better access of machining tools


Type FNZ

with morse taper

for general use with extended length for better tool clearance

Technical data:
Dead Centers PDF [6.3 MB]
Changeable Parts/Accessories:
Extracting Nuts PDF [6.3 MB]
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