Face Driver FFPV

for turning and milling with drive disks

The entire surface of the work piece can be turned and milled with one single clamping.

Neidlein face drivers of type FFPV with drive disk are mechanical clamping systems which are suited for mill-turn operations. The face drivers are power operated on the side of the spindle as well as the side of the tailstock. In application they feature maximum flexibility, high run-out accuracy and nearly backlash-free torque transmission.

NEIDLEIN face drivers FFPV ensure:

  • datum-point location in the center of the workpiece ensures constant measures of length
  • compensating drive disk for uneven face sides
  • high flexibility in the application, wide range of clamping diameters
  • run-out deviation max.: 0.005 - 0.015 mm
  • low setup costs due to fast change of drive disks and center pins
  • cost efficient exchange of parts that are in contact with the workpiece (changeable carbide inserts)


Type FFPV with flange retainer for screw connection

The face driver FFPV is designed for a direct mounting onto a spindle nose.
DIN 702-1 [55028]

Technical data:
Face Drivers PDF [6.3 MB]
Changeable Parts/Accessories:
Drive disks Drive disks PDF [6.3 MB]
Center Pins Center Pins PDF [6.3 MB]
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