Face Drivers FSB/SB

with drive pins and movable center pin

The entire surface of the workpiece can be tooled and finished by clamping with a maximum of torque transmission. NEIDLEIN face drivers are mechanical clamping systems which are suited for turning as well as hard turning.

Face drivers of type FSB / SB are power-operated by the thrust of the tailstock. Workpieces are clamped centrically using a movable center pin. This way different centerings can be adjusted, thus ensuring a constant datum-point at the end face of the workpieces.

NEIDLEIN face drivers FSB / SB with movable center pins ensure:

  • a maximum of torque transmission, thus achieving high metal removing rates
  • datum-point at the end face of the workpiece stable datum-point in case of different centerings
  • extended tool-life of driving devices and cutting tools due to vibration-free running
  • run-out deviation max.: 0.015 - 0.02 mm
  • clamping force is triggered by tailstock
  • fixed center pin/fixed datum-point in clamped state
  • compensating driving devices/ideal clamping of the workpiece
  • simple handling

Type FSB

with flange retainer

Type FSB is mounted onto the machine spindle nose using a flange adapter.


Type SB

with MK- or cylindrical retainer

Type SB with taper shank and extracting nut for fast mounting into the machine spindle.

Technical data:
Face Drivers PDF [6.3 MB]
Changeable Parts/Accessories:
Drive Pins Drive Pins PDF [6.3 MB]
Center Pins Center Pins PDF [6.3 MB]
Mounting Elements:
Flange Adapters Flange Adapters PDF [993 KB]
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