Pipe Drivers NDG/AND


The entire outside surface of a tubular workpiece can be tooled with one single clamping and high torque transmission.

By means of a pipe driver, large clamping areas can be covered.

NEIDLEIN pipe drivers NDG and AND ensure:

  • high torque transmission, thus achieving a high rate of metal removing
  • extended service life of driving chisels
  • large clamping area of tubular workpieces 2 - 155 mm bore-diameter
  • finishing of outer surface by clamping » saving of time
  • easy handling

Type NDG

Pipe Drivers

Type NDG with taper shank for direct mounting into the machine spindle.


Type AND

Pipe Drivers

Type AND arbor for exchangeable drive cones.

Technical data:
Pipe Drivers PDF [6.3 MB]
Changeable Parts/Accessories:
Aufsatzkegel Center Cones PDF [6.3 MB]
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