Face Drivers FFBR/FBSR

with drive pins and fixed center pin

The complete surface of both, hardened and soft workpieces, can be finish-ground with one single clamping.

Face drivers types FFBR/FBSR are power-operated on the side of the spindle. The workpieces are clamped centrically using a dead center pin, this way a high true running accuracy is achieved.

NEIDLEIN face drivers FFBR / FBSR ensure:

  • datum-point located in the center of the workpiece
  • run-out deviation max.: 0.002 - 0.003 mm
  • compensating drive components
  • retractable drive pins for secure loading and unloading of the workpiece
  • adjustment true at face drivers for highest run-out requirements


with flange retainer

There are two retainer designs for adapting the face drivers onto the machine spindle – either for adaption onto a flange adapter with 140 in diameter or for direct mounting onto a spinde nose DIN 702-1 size 6 (DIN 55026/28).



with morse taper retainer

Like face driver FFBR, but including morse taper shank and extracting nut. Adjustment true by using set screws inside shank for highest true running accuracy.

Technical data:
Face Drivers PDF [6.3 MB]
Changeable Parts/Accessories:
Drive Pins Drive Pins PDF [6.3 MB]
Center Pins Center Pins PDF [6.3 MB]
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