Ultra Live Centers RNF/RNCF VDI

spring loaded live center with CDI retainer

NEIDLEIN ultra live centers type RNF/RNCF VDI are adapted in the tool turret and are especially suited for CNC machines without tailstock or with sub spindle.

The spring loaded, moving spindle and the engraved scale rings enable the adjustment and/or programming of various axial forces.

NEIDLEIN ultra live centers type RNF / RNCF VDI ensure:

  • employment of live centers in turrets when hydraulic systems cannot guarantee any repositioning
  • compensation if there is a linear thermal extension of workpieces or if the extension is caused by the process of machining
  • run-out deviation max.: 0.003 mm
  • maintenance free, due to the gasket system and the lifetime lubrication filling of the bearing
  • obtaining of the axial forces applied via scale rings as well as clarification of the force ranges on the outside of the housing

Type RNF

with VDI retainer




with VDI retainer

extended tooling clearance for better access of machining tools

Technical data:
Live Centers PDF [6.3 MB]
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